I am so grateful to Ken Jones, who was our wonderful host in California at both of our local libraries in Thousand Oaks and Newbury Park for several years, for not cutting us off but continuing to include us after he returned to his home in Chichester, U.K.

It has been delightful to meet and hear a whole new group of poetic souls from across the pond. Sort of a TransAtlantic partnership, if you will. I look forward each month to our Zoom get togethers and hearing everyone’s voices, even if I sometimes have to ask exactly where a geographic location is that someone has written about.

It’s also reinforced for me how much I love our English language, in all its permutations and accents. I guess you guys began it all, but look at all the interesting routes it’s taken and how so many folks from different backgrounds have also made it their own.

Bonnie Goldenberg 
Thousand Oaks, CA, USA