Tina Cockett is a regular at our events and shared this evocative, provocative and atmospheric poem at Words Out Loud in the Park at Priory Park, Chichester. In this poem, Tina asks: What are poets? And like all good questions, the answers she discovers reveal deeper mysteries!



What are we poets
But pedlars of words
Conjurors of rhyme,
Blank verse scribblers
And tellers of inner worlds.
Where my truth might just glimpse yours
Fitting together fragments
Of thoughts, ideas and feelings
Into the jigsaw of poesy
Blessed by the Muse Calliopee

Sometimes we poets ride on the breath of Bards
In waves of inspiration and creativity
Touching hearts in ways we cannot tell
For words spoken out loud are like spells
Released into the air with hope,
Bringing in their wake perhaps
Some laughter, solace and joy
From our shared humanity.

Inside our pretty words dissent maybe disguised
To ruffle feathers, make uncomfortable or challenge
Us to look again and question
How we use the gift of language,
And through this heresy of self expression
Lay bare our souls.

We name what lies beneath the surface
Unspoken and unseen
To bring to light their existence
From our backpack of words,
For what are we but pedlars
And conjurers of verse.

Tina Cockett 20 July 2021

© Copyright 2021 Tina Cockett – All Rights Reserved