It seems that the volume of your words is not only found in what you can hear, as this article from the Sunday Telegraph of January 16th 2022 shows in the case of Deborah Levy.

Booker Prize-nominated author Deborah Levy has told how she was inspired to write by a schoolteacher after she lost her voice as a child while her father was a political prisoner in apartheid South Africa.

BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs heard how the author, whose books Hot Milk and Swimming Home made the Booker Prize shortlist, revisited the story in the first of her three memoirs.

Levy said

“I wasn’t exactly a mute, it was just the volume of my voice got lower and lower until no one could hear me.”

But she added:

“A teacher said, ‘Why don’t you write down your thoughts?’ I had a go and I discovered my thoughts were quite loud.”