Shane Hudson 

5th July, 2023

The backroom
of a coffee shop…?

A room full of soul,
rivalling many a church.

Words out loud. 
No stage, no mic.
A couple of hours set aside from our busy lives.

I found myself a curious spectator…
I believed events like this were not for me.

The one who, 
in the simplest conversation,
would often trip on my own tongue.
Mis-interpreted Mentalese!
From a potent thought springs a tangle of words.

Yet hearts unmasked
and lives laid bare,
Struck a resonant chord.

It is not easy to share.

Hanging on every word,
Etched pain, joy, or the randomness of life.
Tales of love, tales of loss

A game of emotional roulette,
where laughter and tears collide.

Jesting anecdotes, 
Followed instantaneously by narratives 
that gave the room a chill.

A human symphony, so vivid, so real, 
Awash with feelings, collectively still.

Such, is the potency of stories shared,
A connection, a bond, momentarily paired.
In joy, we soar,
in grief, we dive.

In Our words…
The Human spirit undeniably thrives.

Shane Hudson. 5th July 2023