What we are, what we do and who it is for. 

Words Out Loud is a Charitable Trust – we want to promote and foster the benefits of the spoken word in local communities through live in person events and live/recorded online events/performances.

Forming Social Connections, Exploring our Experiences, Reconnecting with our Humanity

What we do

Words Out Loud offers open and inclusive forums for people to read or speak aloud their own creative work and the creative work of others (poetry, storytelling, prose, creative expression etc).

We want to help individuals form social connections in their community, exploring their own and our collective life experiences through speaking out loud.

Speaking and reading out loud in groups has many benefits for health and wellbeing:

  • mental and emotional health
  • physical health benefits
  • confidence building, connection and support, education and social skills

and most importantly:

understanding and processing our experiences TOGETHER
in social groups that reconnect us to our humanity.

Who is it for?

Words Out Loud is for anyone who wants to gather with others to enjoy the spoken word and is especially for anyone who has felt excluded from those activities in the past.

Our events are also for veterans of poetry, creative writing and performance and offer time for us all to enjoy listening to each other… our words, our stories, our unique take on things, our creative expressions.

Join us in person and online.

The Word is Out there!