Nigel Millett shares how writing poetry helped him process feelings and gain a fresh perspective.

If something is wrong in your life, let’s make it write… put down those feelings on paper before it bites.
Bites into your heart, then moves into your head, so write it, recite it, diffuse it, put it to bed!

I found at a certain stage of feeling low in my life, that writing down my feelings as poetry really helped me move forward and to look back with a smile.

The act of writing something creative at those times, helped me process and reboot my thoughts and feelings in a new way. I found that making something completely new from a place of despair, sadness or anxiety had a transformative effect!

It’s a beautiful and mysterious kind of alchemy really, looking at my experiences through the eyes of a creator, those low heavy moods revealed themselves to have precious and hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Sharing those creations with others by reading them out loud is another creative act in itself. Who knows what benefits may be found by others… listening to the sounds, the meanings and interpretations we bring to each new creative expression.

When the words are out there, they form a new life of reflection and contemplation in the unique perceptions of those listening. Give your words away and let others perceive and receive them in their own way.

Process your thoughts through your pen …. release those pent up anxieties and turn them into something creative.

Go on, YOU can do it!